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Poland – a new destination for education

Poland serves as the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. Since joining the European Union (2004) and Schengen (2007), Poland enjoys a crucial position as the largest of the former Eastern Europe states and one of the most populous and economically sound members of the European Union.
It is a modern and dynamic country full of opportunities for young people willing to get quality education, enhancing their knowledge, improving skills and boosting international experience. It is a hub bridging east and west, north and south, combining cosmopolitan attitude and rich historical legacy. With over 1.9 million students it boasts of the highest scholarisation indices in Europe.


Poland has a lot to offer to international students. It has over 400 public and private higher education institutions, many with centuries of old tradition, well-equipped and internationally recognised faculties. Polish academic traditions date back to the 14th century and some of Europe’s oldest universities can be found here. For instance, the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, established in 1364, is the second oldest university in Central Europe. Nicholas Copernicus and Marie Sklodowska- Curie are among the known names of Polish scientists admired worldwide.
Poland’s education market is growing and the number of higher education institutions has increased five-fold while the number of students quadrupled. Each year almost half a million young people from the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, China, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavian and other European and Asian countries begin their education at Polish universities and colleges. The universities participate in international student exchange programmes and engage in bilateral agreements and individual exchange programmes. All these initiatives enhance the development of relations between Polish and foreign institutions of higher education. A number of Polish institutions of higher education were awarded an Erasmus University Charter Approach 200 and, thereon, the mobility of students grew rapidly.
Polish universities constantly strive for improvement. The medical university of Gdansk is the largest medical academic institution in Northern Poland. It serves as an alma mater to around 6,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in four faculties — faculty of health sciences, faculty of medicine, faculty of pharmacy and joint venture between intercollegiate faculty of biotechnology of the University of Gdansk and the Medical University of Gdansk
Qualified faculty, student-centred staff, modern facilities, and a variety of courses taught in English with a state-of-the-art methodology can make Polish universities a good choice for students. Following a generous funding from the European Union, all Polish universities boast of high-tech laboratories

Degrees In Poland

“Due to the diminished demographics in Poland, universities are now particularly interested to take in more foreign students,” says Dr Kazimierz Bilanow from the ‘Study in Poland’ project.


All leading universities of Poland offer Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programmes that are taught in English. The most popular disciplines include medicine, engineering, architecture, humanities, business and finance.
Studying in Poland can ensure a comprehensive education, which would prepare students for work in the most advanced and competitive markets globally, at the same time stimulating their personal development. Education Poland is currently inviting 2013 session applications for the following disciplines
(degree-level programmes):

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Engineering
  • International Relations
  • Tourism

Scholarships available; only limited seats available.Open day information sessions for students and parents. For further information, send your queries to

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Medical University of Gdansk
The Medical University of Gdańsk provides education to over 6000 students, PhD and postgraduate students. International students constitute of 10% of MUG students and represent more than half of all international students studying in Gdańsk. The University conducts classes in English for students of two degree programs: Medicine Doctor and Master of Pharmacy.
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